Movie Moment: Teri Meri Kahaani

Thrice upon a love story.
Not quite sure if that’s exciting or frightening but hopefully Kunal Kohli is going to prove to us either way, it’s a love worth the triple lifetimes.

And a substantial chuck of ours.

Synopsis: Teri Meri Kahaani (English title: Our Story) chronicles the love stories of two souls over the course of Time.

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapur

Kapur and Chopra have mirror fogging chemistry and though I don’t find Chopra a winning actress, opposite Kapur, she seems stronger than with most co-stars. Shahid’s performance is usually based on interpretation but recently, his earnestness illuminates onscreen, which always seems to persuade me into appreciation, no matter the project. Both are insanely beautiful people and have no problem pulling off each era flawlessly.


Premiere: June 22

Thoughts: Fate and reincarnation is the name of this game and they are both concepts that interest and irritate me. More than ever, it seems the influx of storylines and even visual execution are becoming more and more redundant. Fate, destiny, kismet is usually a key factor in a romantic story of any kind, no matter the ocean origin, therefore Our Story is just another edition to the multitudes. However, the exploration of multiple lifetimes, isn’t as dime a dozen. The film in concept is very similar to the Taiwanese film Three Times, but, director Kohli is insistent that is where the similarities end. And let’s hope so, for clearly, it’s nice to have seen similar films, but no one enjoys the same old gift, even if it is wrapped in gorgeous sexy paper.

The couple will meet and share a romantic entanglement during the turn of the 20th Century, the promiscuous 1960s and again in the present. Given the specific dates, I hope that the aura of the times plays a large part in the selling of their connection. For if not, this is where Fate and Destiny lose credibility and sparkle as the overwrought trope it is. Two souls being destined for one another is a relatable idealistic concept that needs to be grounded in reality to appeal rationally and ring true. Two people don’t come together “just because” nor can one make the leap that “all” love stories or even one, for that matter, are predestined. Romantic whimsy can be fun but in a story like this one, believability and purpose is the key to setting it apart. One thing to look forward to is how (or if) this production makes each personality different, yet recognizable. However, it is possible the point is to create personalities that are generational upgrades from the last, which can be quite interesting as well given the reincarnation backdrop. Overall, only time, will tell.

Already, I’m certain, my favorite love story will be set in 1910, for the ideals, circumstance and heart of people always seems to resonate with me. Even the language sounds better, the rhythmic patterns, metaphors and symbolism scream romance. Love is transcendent but the quality and determination of the persons seeking it, has altered. Though I am an avid believer there is nothing new under the sun, I also believe that without proper teaching, there is no true understanding or expression. Perhaps, this as well will be addressed in the film, and become more of a study on the evolution of love? One can always hope, I guess.

The more I look at the stills, the more I am convinced that again, logical story isn’t really of great concern, for Priyanka and Shahid are so stunning together, it won’t matter how they make it happen, these two must end up together. (In the film, that is.)

[*all stills courtesy of indiaglitz]

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