Day*14: Favorite Kiss


Like the previous day, declaring a kiss my favorite is virtually impossible, for if you’ve seen enough drama, you know it’s hard to find a great kiss that actually made sense in the narrative and also happened to be visually satisfying. Therefore, I chose a kiss that came close.

Mary Stayed Out All Night is a drama I never thought would be in this list as anything other than one of my least liked dramas but there are some things that can’t be denied and the chemistry between the leads, ridonculous script and all, is one. Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk were absolutely wonderful together and I believe that is one thing that made this kiss worth watching and more importantly, remembering.
There really isn’t any need for a setup so just watch and enjoy:

Mu-gyul and Mae-ri were a prime example of two people being misguided by missed opportunities, mixed signals and miscommunication based on one misconception. It’s actually one thing that I adore about contract marriages– a false sense of security.
This kiss worked for me, not only because it was warranted but that both characters were ready for that step, it pushed the plot forward, wasn’t just fan-service and to be honest was pretty stinking hot.
Drama lovers/watchers don’t get many kisses like this one, though Han Ji-won and Lee Seugi-gi definitely make my Top 5 in this year’s The King Two Hearts.


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