HMD:Intriguing Drama Mom #6

It’s our week to reflect on motherhood and we’re our second day, sixth slot of our mom countdown. This list isn’t necessarily in any particular order in regards to likeability, for some of these women, even I found it hard to “like” but in one way or another they all exuded a characteristic or two that made me stop and think and take stock. In some cases, a little more than others. 

Will It Snow For Christmas? was a drama that has burrowed itself in my heart to the extent that I will never be rid of it. For it’s filled with characters and performances that resonate so deeply with the raw emotions of longing and suffering that regardless of the overall project being a bit cooky, the actors sell each moment to which point you have no alternative but fervent belief.

Cha Chun Hee (Jo Min Soo) – Will It Snow For Christmas?

If you’ve seen WISFC, then you know that Cha Chun Hee is a force; one of the strongest mothers I’ve seen in a drama but also quite vulnerable. As a single mother, she raised two boys without hesitation or playing the blame game. She’s a woman I found fascinating because she wasn’t very regretful of her decisions as a young woman that led her to be a middle-aged, working girl. I won’t say that she was pleased with all her choices but she took everything in stride carrying as much of the load she could for her kids.

Being that this list isn’t about whether these women got it right, it’s interesting to look at Chun Hee because though her decisions seemed to put her own needs above her children, it’s very clear she loved her sons. She wasn’t afraid to kowtow or humiliate herself for them, nor was she oblivious or adverse to her their personalities and desires, and as a result willing to risk everything for them. She’s a mother that would go to bat for her kids, whether she understood their purpose or not. She’s the mother that calls them out when they’re wrong and embraces hypocrisy in order to rid her children of dishonest behavior.

I said Chun Hee is a force because she’s fierce. She’s a mother that uses her fear and inhibitions to charge and spur her, rather than bind or suffocate her. I’m not an advocate for mothers being “friends” with their children but somehow Chun Hee created a balance with her sons that, though may appear grey outwardly, isn’t at all. Kang Jin and Busan had a love and fondness for their mother to such a degree that it was operose to comprehend. She seemed selfish and arrogant, relentless and shallow, tortured and mindless; this huge bundle of emotions that catapulted and smashed the hearts of those she claimed to love, and yet, her sons sacrificed, advocated and sheltered and accepted her.

Cha Chun Hee is a mother it’s rather onerous to admit to be worthy of adoration, however, she is also a mother that exemplifies attributes that all women would want to exhibit toward their children. Even her poor qualities work in her favor when poured onto her kids. Frankly, Chun Hee is fairly unique, in that she never forgot that she was a woman as well as a mother. The drama is a persistent story of her struggle to tamp down her innate desires or pursue her basest dreams. She’s remarkable in that no matter her strongest efforts, she can’t quite lose focus of her children, without succumbing to disgrace, regret and shame. For, subsequently, though she was a woman constantly in search for her own happiness, while in pursuit of her happiness and experiencing failure, she realizes, like most mothers, that true happiness can be found in her children’s joy.


3 Replies to “HMD:Intriguing Drama Mom #6”

  1. Ack! So glad there is someone else out there who loved this drama as fervently as I did, especially for Jo Min-soo as Chun-hee. She was amazing.

  2. And can’t believe my lack of commentary on how great your post was. Your words, they hit me… right there (points at heart), man.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. I know not many think of these women the way I do but they so deserve some discussion time.
      My favorite moments in this drama are probably in the first couple episodes but I loved Min Soo and Go Soo. There was something captivating about these characters regardless of the entire project. Not sure if I can call it love but it’s something pretty deep and saturating.

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