Happy Holidays! (Grateful Post #2)

You saw my relief, now here’s my grateful. The year is over in only a few days and there is still so much to say but overall … It’s been a wonderful year!

Before I begin, I must mention that I’m the most thankful that there have been faithful readers dropping to see what I may have say, no matter how silly, pointless or witless. I am terribly thankful for all your comments, glances and lurking. This year of dramas has been much more fun and rewarding with you all around! I truly hope we can all continue this in the coming year.

THANKSGIVING TOP 5 (grateful version)

5. Song Seung Heon made a drama I actually liked.

I have never been able to sit through a SSH drama. Not until My Princess, however. Honestly, that drama had no real plot and was extremely flimsy but it probably had the cutest, most adorable OTP this entire year! So much so, I wouldn’t mind if he and Kim Tae Hee made little HeonHee babies! SSH hit the jackpot with me in this genre. I hope he toys around with it just a little longer. In truth, this point isn’t only for SSH but for all the actors that surprised me and made a solid effort this year to step out of the norm and make projects that showcased they’re range and likability. SSH was just the first out of the gate to pave the way of hope.

4. Military Returnees

graefulms01Lee Dong Wook, Eric, Joo Ji Hoon, Jae Hee, Hyun Jae, Kim Rae Won and Lee Ki Woo made it safely back from the military service and loved me enough to announce and/or star in dramas within moments of their release… (just to prove that they were well… of course 😉 )graefulms02

3. This year has seen a (wonderful, much needed and long-awaited) shift in drama characters from leading males to the “third-wheel” character.

Dramas are tricky and formulaic, therefore, when something out of the norm occurs, it’s almost impossible NOT to notice. Many would say that this year wasn’t the best for dramas, and seriously, that may be true (in overall product and availability) but in the way of characters, I have to say it was wonderful. This year was chock full of “different” characters, from wackily wonderful to sensationally smart and I couldn’t be happier. I watched several dramas this year and I am actually able to make a Top 5 female character list!  And to me, that is a Christmas MIRACLE!

2. Game of Thrones, the drama, is practically verbatim, the novel.

As I’ve mentioned, I really try to acquaint myself with source material when a drama or film is releasing, and Game of Thrones is no different. However, by the time I found out GOT was based on a novel trilogy, it was a couple weeks from airing. But as soon as the drama finished, I was on the hunt for the novels and have loved the fact that the HBO adaption is almost word-for-word dialogue of the novel! There truly aren’t many adaptations that are that true to the source, let alone so very satisfying for someone tackling the process backwards! I love it so much I have even toyed with recapping the series! If you haven’t gotten around to viewing the drama, read the books or just plain squeamish about it all, please don’t hesitate. It’s worth it, books, series, EVERYTHING!

1. Cha Seung Won was all I ever dreamed of this year– (silly, sexy and sweaty… )1-Cha Seung Won-Highcut

I am not fangirly over many actors, not many at all. There are only a handful (a baby handful) and CSW is in the palm! Not only does he grow more attractive over the years, his acting is a craft I love to see him create, maneuver and embody. There are truly only a few actors that have this profound effect on me and honestly, I can’t gush about this man as much as he truly deserves. This year, CSW has shown range, stamina, patience (dealing with that stinker ATHENA) and skin (tehee). And I’ve loved every minute of it. As much as I hated ATHENA, I felt that his performance was one of the best and certainly most consistent throughout it’s airing. Then to follow that up with the wackiest performance this year? Well, that was just delightful.

That’s my end of the year round of gratefulness! This entire year gets a Christmas “Thank You.” I’ve laughed, cried; hoped and dreamed for dramas, actors and characters and realize that there were definitely more ups, than downs for this year. Even through the drama stumps and hang-ups 2011 was a better drama year, than the last—and I plan to do it all again in 2012!

3 Replies to “Happy Holidays! (Grateful Post #2)”

  1. Oh how could I have missed this! I should be thankful, for you have lavished us with such deep and insightful writing, so analytical and witty the past year. Love em all! <33

    I totally get your Cha Seung Won love. <33 His eyes is such a prized treasure, once glance, one look, I'm in deep shits.

    1. Gomapda chingu! I’ve truly relished my time online with this blog and with friends like you this past year. It’s been a blast. And it seems we will have tons of dramas to chat about this year as well. (Even some I’m still trying to finish up.)

      And me and Cha Seung Won are for keeps. I love that man! I am so glad there are others that understand…

      1. Okies, Cha Seung Won is your man, Shin Ha Kyun is mine. And coincidentally, they have worked with each other twice? haha

        Have you seen this before?

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