Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in America we are in the midst of celebrating our largest and most anticipated holidays of the year and I have found myself busier than normal. Therefore, I sincerely want to apologize for not being on the site regularly but oddly enough, my vagabond spirit, kicks into high gear during the holidays.

I’m not one to get sentimental about holidays but there is a general consensus that something in the air changes around this time, a feeling of sorts that makes you reminiscent and hopeful for the new year. For us, Thanksgiving is a special time because families gather to give thanks and celebrate their lives together, either grateful or relieved for the year past.

Though I believe that everyday should be one of thanksgiving, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give myself and you guys the chance to share what you are grateful or relieved about this season. I consider us a family, so let’s sit down, pass the cookies, cake and spiced coffee and share to our hearts content. Feel free to name actors, characters, dramas, films, books… whatever language, whatever topic. I’ll get everything kicked off with my Top 5 in one of these areas… See you after the jump!

I suppose the hard part about this list is which to tackle first… But I think I’ll go with relief because grateful really might get long 🙂

THANKSGIVING TOP 5 (relieved version)

1. The worst drama of 2011 aired in January.

It’s actually really nice that the worst drama I have seen to date this year, is so far removed from the present that I could pretend I didn’t see it. Athena aired sometime in January, and though I barely remember, I know I hated it! It was by the worst drama of the year, but the year has been filled with tons of entertaining and noteworthy dramas that it falls into the distance like a nightmare you forget the moment you open your eyes.

2. Vampire Prosecutor wasn’t as cheesy as I initially thought.

I’m not sure how many of you are actually watching this drama, but when I first heard the title, I laughed for days. Though I love vampire stories, the vamp wave in my country at the moment has made me a little bitter and jaded. But VP truly has been a pleasant surprise that enjoy and my eyes haven’t rolled yet.

3. I gave up on Lie To Me before I combusted with anger.

If you read my previous post on this drama, you know how I feel. And with the year ending soon, I’ll just say, every year has that one drama you wish you’d never watched or wished were better or bitter was (n)ever made… That was LTM… for me.

4. I was able to see a few decent films.

Though I write about several films on this blog, I haven’t seen many over the years that have been promising. I’m not a film critic, therefore, I’m drawn to story, characterization and actors. If these don’t reel me, then I don’t watch. Unfortunately, this has been the case for too many years now to count. I will say that my foray into the drama-viewing world may have ruined this but, I doubt it. I’m an addict for foreign films and any film with a decent story. There really just haven’t been many, especially on my side of the ocean. But over this year, I’ve seen at least 7 or more that weren’t as crappy as I thought or at least better than expected, and that is a pretty great thing.

5. I am finally out of my drama stupor (I think).

Listen, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this drama. (And if you haven’t stop reading this post and click here IMMEDIATELY!) But for me, and my drama pals, this drama ruled every drama cell I was born with, accumulated, leeched, bargained and borrowed, during it’s run. What drama you ask? The Princess’s Man. Don’t ask me what hooked me, there are no answers, all I know is after the picture froze on the final episode, I was spent. Oh, I ate and slept, laughed with friends and played with my dog but I didn’t, I couldn’t watch another drama. Nothing with subtitles anyway. Shoot, the closest I got was a random OST track on my music playlists ( 지켜줄께 I’ll Protect You, by Kim JaeJoong as personal favorite from this year)!

After a couple weeks of all English, all the time, I realized I had a problem. Something was wrong. I was in a funk. A drama funk… and TPM was to blame! I won’t say I’ve been counting the days (I haven’t) and I can’t tell you when the drama ended or how long it takes to recover. All I know, is after TPM, I needed space. I needed time. Last week, I realized my drama buddy was going through the same issue (sluggish towards kdrama) and I informed her it’s the TPM Effect. This led me to quote a lyric I haven’t sang since high school (courtesy of Mariah Carey), “Love takes time to heal.” And like Roxette, I realized once it was over, that’s what it must have been.

So there you have it. My list of thanksgiving relief.  It’s short sweet and  by no means all inclusive but gets you thinking right? Don’t worry, I’ll be back with my grateful top 5 in a day or two! Happy sharing!


4 Replies to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. So glad that we share the same sentiments on stuff! ^^ Welcome back my dear chingu.

    Athena was crap, Vampire Prosecutor so far so good (not great IMO but I still like it), LTM no words needed dun get how ppl managed to finish this, Xmen First Class was da bomb but didn’t really like Jane Eyre (more like I didn’t understand how their love blossomed), and TPM? Do we need to say more? 😛

    Need your opinion on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? I’ve heard loads of great stuff abt the drama and JIW hotness, would like to know your thoughts?

    1. I’m glad we agree as well. It’s rather nice having an ally 😉

      I loved this past VP episode. The only issue is the law aspect in the sense that I wish we had more of it. Also at this point, I could care less about the vampire angle in terms of “why.” I don’t mind that he is a vamp, for, the way it’s portrayed he’s just common place. I like that, though, I can see it being an issue given the first episode. But with all that said, I’ve always assumed the last eps would be vampire, vampire, vampire and I believe that’s exactly what’s in store(given the preview). Oh and if he slurps down one more victim blood vile and buckles over in pain, Ima be pissed! It was fine in the first eps but now it seems overused and excessive. If the pain was necessary for solving the crime, I’d say fine but in the last few cases, there really was no need.

      And Jane Eyre wasn’t the best adaptation I’ve seen but it was pretty daring in it’s depiction of Jane. I appreciated it for that. Also Michael did a great job! He creeped me out but he was so alluring that for the first time in ages, I could’ve fallen for Rochester. The love story could’ve been done better, though I’m not sure there was ever a ton of tangible material for that, even from the novel.
      The characters had an intellectual bond. Everything between them was basically in subtext, therefore his abrupt and abrasive confession (and subsequent tenderness) shocked even Jane on many levels(though she did feel the same).
      If you haven’t seen any other adaptations, I’d suggest either of the A&E or Masterpiece Theater recent versions, with Samantha Morton or Ruth Wilson.
      Ruth is my favorite of the two but I’m sure I’m being biased. Ciaran Rinds(opposite Morton) was phenomenal as Rochester though. I haven’t seen the French film but it’s on my short list.

      As for Ramyun… should I write a post?

      1. Oh yes pretty please, if you have time in your hands? hehehe.. you know I love your writing too much not to say NVM or NO. Yes please! hahaha..^^

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