scene stripped: nagareboshi

This post is actually a long time coming. Enjoy.

This is the DVD version of the last seconds (sorry, there’s no sound in video one) with this wonderful couple. A sweet friend asked about Risa’s expressions during this time and I thought I’d answer her here.

In truth, this is sheer joy we see on both of their faces. I don’t think that Risa was finally showing her “real” self, for I believe she’s shown that all along but I will concede that she has decided to let go of the majority of her inhibitions. She’s finally with the man she loves. He’s finally told her that he wants her and is adamant for her to relinquish her fear and pride and accept him. It’s wonderful because she wants to be with Kengo, always has, and now all she has to do is melt in his embrace. From what I can tell, that is what we see. Risa has finally embraced Kengo (happiness) and she’s ecstatic she did.

I’m so thankful that we get these extra moments, because it’s a small glimpse of how happy they truly are to be together. It’s been a long time coming and it’s great to see them have just a pleasant beginning.

7 Replies to “scene stripped: nagareboshi”

  1. I just finish seeing this drama and it was awesome!! It’s a shame the kid died, but that made so real, cause many people die waiting for an organ donor.

    1. Oh yes, the video is a wonderful little nugget us fans get. I love it. A drama like this one doesn’t get to be revived with a special or a second season so whatever morsels of giddy we can grab hold of, I definitely grapple. Like I said, it just gives a tiny glimpse into how adorable and lovely their life together will be. Miss them tremendously.

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