Movie Moment: One Day

So, here I go again, adding one more book to my list and yet another screen adaptation that I haven’t read source material to (in it’s entirety, anyway). I hate suggesting films that are novel based without reading it first, ’cause it could very well be a horrible depiction– and I’ve seen many, but I just couldn’t keep this to myself. One Day seems like the kind of film that is right up my alley and so falls into the “never just friends” lead to romance category. Though I haven’t read the entire novel, I’ve read a couple chapters and it has a Time Traveler’s Wife feel to it . Don’t ask me why. I’m just hoping this film is better, however, that really wouldn’t take much… Perhaps it’s the time travel of the story, as it spans twenty years in the lives of the main characters? Ultimately, it’s a lofty When Harry Met Sally, stripped of the slapstick and peppered with bated transparency.

One Day is the novel written by David Nicholls and depicts the story of two college grads that meet on graduation day and have a one night stand(of sorts). After that July day in 1988, the book portrays life moments over the next twenty years on that one day (July 15th). The story speaks of their lives and loves throughout this time, but their journey always bends back to one another.

Emma Morley is a regular young girl with dreams of a better future and ideals of a better world, ready to make her mark, while Dexter Mayhew is a rich playboy who takes little pains in either. In twenty years, they seek careers and marry, find success and suffer failure in their lives apart. Over the course of their time as friends, both characters develop in a way that begs who has the better outlook, where do hopes and dreams lead and what, if anything, makes the difference?

I won’t pretend that this story is a feel good, happy go-plucky rom-com, for at the core, it isn’t. It’s about the reality of life, beginning from your adult start point and living. The characters trudge through hardship and disappointment, battle addiction and disillusionment but somehow surface to give witty raw commentary and wise genuine reflection.

The Focus Features film adaptation sports seasoned actors like Patricia Clarkson  and Ken Stott (whom I adore) but stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Burgess. I don’t find Hathaway to be the best actress but her characters are always worthy of respect and thoughtfully crafted and acted with a wide breadth of sincerity. Mr. Burgess I’ve never seen on-screen but I like his off-screen personality and from the preview (below) that seems to seep through a bit.

I definitely look forward to this one. Ah, I might have to view this one alone though,  ’cause if my gut is right, I might have a Time Traveler-the novel-reaction (read: tears).

One Day releases worldwide August 19th.

[official photos courtesy Focus Features- One Day ]

2 Replies to “Movie Moment: One Day”

  1. I read the novel because I was drawn to the premise. I knew that a movie was in the works, so I was imagining how certain scenes would translate. I suggest you read the book soon. 🙂
    P.S. I’m not really looking forward to the movie. It just realized I’ve given up watching any Hollywood films several years ago. I’m really more of the Asian dramas kind of girl. And I like my happy endings, thankyouverymuch.

    1. Yeah I’ve started it but haven’t finished. I like it so far. And being that I haven’t finished the novel, the preview looks promising. I usually have a good sense when it comes to previews of English language stories. I’ll watch a Western film depending on the premise and/or the actors involved. I’m not usually drawn to mainstream films, more adaptations and things. Most mainstream films can be very disappointing. It’s better to watch smaller budget films. If I were you I wouldn’t throw out all English language Western cinema (if that’s what you meant by Hollywood), whether it’s Canadian, British or American. Check out some films that fly under the radar. I’ve seen some decent ones this year.
      But I’m definitely not a “happy ending” girl at all. I don’t care about that. I need the story to make sense and happy isn’t always the best route. I say “happy” in the sense that most times happiness is depicted as the most important aspect of life but it isn’t. Happiness is contingent on “happenings” and being swayed by fleeting emotions has really never made much sense to me. However, if one views a happy ending as one that services the characters in a realistic way(given the story) then, I’m all for it!
      I love rom-coms but even with those, I need the characters to be relatable and growing. I think that’s why it’s usually so hard for me to relate to alot of female characters. They are usually depicted as excessive in one aspect or another and even in reality those personalities are just plain annoying, so why on earth would I enjoy that in entertainment?

      Anyway, did you read Time Traveler? Did you get the same sense from One Day (in overall product)?

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