Movie Moment: Bodyguard

I’m not sure that there is a story out there that hasn’t already been told and honestly, I am one that truly believes it’s all been done before, however, some love stories are just great to watch, like best friends romances, contract marriages, bickering enemies or passing strangers. Added to that list is protector crushes. I’m not quite sure when the fever began but I know it was burned into my flesh with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston’s 1992 film The Bodyguard.

What we all know is that the best love stories stem from plain old interaction; then throw in a need for speedy trust and dependency– something is bound to bud. And it seems Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor may have harvested a new rom-com cash-crop.

While Bodyguard is a remake, it unfortunately, isn’t a Hindi remake of The Bodyguard [that film already has an appointment with an American butcher]. It’s actually the third of the four language remakes of the original Malayalam film, written and directed by Siddique.

BASIC PLOT: a bodyguard offers his services to a business tycoon he respects but is refused. Once he saves his life, tycoon takes on the bodyguard, not for himself but for his daughter. The job entails him following her around college. This immediately cramps her style and she devises a plan to distract him– Operation: Boo4Bodyguard. Through random texts and phone calls, she perpetrates a woman smitten with him and unwittingly falls in love. But before they can bask in bawdy bodyguard bliss, they have to overcome an irate father, mistaken identity, scapegoat best friends and the dreaded detractor of all romance everywhere, TIME.

CAST:  Salman Khan, Raj Babbar, Kareena Kapoor, Hazel Rose Keech

PREMIERE: August 31, 2011


THOUGHTS: I honestly think this film is going to be cute cute summery fun. It isn’t a new story by any means and I’m equally sure no one will be surprised by any of the plot developments, but, I do have a feeling the journey could be worth it. The other remakes don’t seem as geared towards the action-melodrama aspect of the story so that could be it’s selling point. Salman is decent with the comedy and it seems he may also have a chance to do a little more than try to make us laugh. I daresay he may become the most adorkable six-packed hero of Hindi cinema this year. I do truly wish he would make more of an effort to be taken seriously as an actor(because he actually can act) but I’m beginning to think he’s wholly given up on that. I also find, I like Kareena in best weightier roles but she has Jab We Met to her credit and like Salman, her character just seems too adorable to be too disappointed. Cause who doesn’t relish, mischievous girl falls for assiduous bloke?

I haven’t seen the two previous films, nor will I be watching the subsequent Telegu version, for the simple fact that I actually want to view this movie once[though I am a little intrigued by Ganga being it has a different director].

Ultimately, what will connect you to this film is the chemistry between Kareena and Salman. If you’ve seen their other films you know they’ve got it but the still below makes me believe they’ve definitely taken a few more classes at “Crackling Celluloid Chemistry Academy.”

photos courtesy of oneindia

6 Replies to “Movie Moment: Bodyguard”

  1. Ahh, not Kareena’s sister Karisma? Honestly think Salman-Karisma is next to SRK-Kajol in terms of chemistry. But better than nothing I guess?

    Haven’t seen a Bollywood film in AGES. And KKCH write-up still stuck somewhere.

  2. Karisma? Really? I haven’t felt too much wow-me chemistry between Salman and any woman, I don’t think. It’s pretty nice with Kareena and he’s actually done some of his best acting with her and lesser known actresses, in smaller budget films.
    As for Karisma, I think I feel the same. My favorite film of hers Shakti didn’t have a romantic angle and her close second, Hum Saath-Saath Hain: We Stand United co-starred Saif. I felt their chemistry was nice too. Cute.
    She’ll be hitting the theaters soon though. If I’m interested in the film enough, I’ll post it here. I honestly can’t wait to see she and Madhuri back in films… Just selfish like that.
    And seriously, I need to read this KKHH review! I’ve got a few Bwd posts in the works as well though. KKHH falls into the theme I’m working with but that film is so amazing that I might ramble on and on. Shoot maybe we should do a podcast! Lol!

    1. Yaiks, that crossed my mind too! Telepathy or wat?! lol
      I’d love to do that, you know, we can even rant about Joseph and Rainie, to our hearts’ content, but how? We’re like an ocean apart! 😦

      If you’re good w/ the idea, we can prob begin with a collab review? haha, I’m obviously getting way ahead of myself.

  3. You’re right… Hmm. A review sounds good. That way we don’t have to tackle it alone. What about chat? Not that I know how that would work either 😉

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