Movie Moment: Singham (The Lion)

Action isn’t a genre I flock to but like anyone else if I’m interested, I will watch. One thing that will always get me to take a quick peek is an actor I trust. When I read about Singham a few weeks ago felt I needed to give it a chance for the simple fact that I haven’t seen Ajay Devgn do a role like this one in quite awhile. His Golmaal franchise isn’t entirely my cup of tea, though I don’t mind a laugh here and there.

Singham on the other hand seems to be exactly what I need in this hot summer; an upright civil servant slinging up to knock down his Goliath.

Singham is a remake based on the 2010 Tamil film with Ajay Devgn playing Suriya’s title role. The plot surrounds the smuggling activities in and around a small village on the border of  Maharashtra and Goa, Shivgad. The action begins when the diligent, integral police officer, Bajirao Singham(Ajay Devgn) demands lawful compliance from corrupt politician Jayakant Shirke (Prakash Raj). Subsequently, Bajirao is promoted and transferred to Goa as a plot by Shirke to disarm and destroy his ethical foundation. In retaliation, Bajirao Singham determines to use lawful means to cripple Shirke’s entire empire. The romantic angle of the film includes Bajirao’s blossoming relationship with a young woman, Kavya,(South Indian actress Kajal), whom he meets during her vacation with her father.

Singham ultimately is a film about integrity and perseverance as Bajirao fights the battle of ethics and morality over political superpowers and monetary gain. Action is an intregal part of the movie and it seems that Devgn is returning to his roots of  “action King.” For, Singham appears to be the perfect combination of what Devgn does best; meat and grit, with a few physical stunts.

The premise sounds like nothing new, however stories like this rely heavily on the actors and characters involved. I’m not too impressed with the action sequences shown in the preview below, but I am certain Devgn’s portrayal of the honest and righteous Bajirao Singham will be stellar, not to mention the liberation of a criminally suppressed and dominated town.

Singham opens July 22nd.

[credit to oneindia ]

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