July Jam(med) Session–additions and updates

As promised a couple dramas have cropped up you may be interested in so I’ve lifted a couple dramas from my previous post and added a couple new ones with their trailers. I also popped in a couple stills from the first episode Eric’s new spy rom-com, Spy Myung Wol.

Sunshine Angel starring Wu Zun and Rainie Yang also aired this week in China. I won’t be posting it here but feel free to check out news or updates about it r here.

애정만만세 Hooray for Love

This rom-com tells the story of a young divorcee who retakes control of her life. Lee Bo Young plays Kang Jae-Mi, who divorces her unreliable husband (Jin Yi Han) with the help of  her lawyer(Lee Tae Sung) whom she later falls in love with. Too bad he embodies the same player character flaw as her insatiable father(Chun Ho Jin) which makes her want to run for the hills. Throw your hands up guys, cause we’ll all be saying manse manse every weekend starting July 16th. (asianmediawiki)

桜蘭高校ホスト部/Ouran High School Host Club

Host Club is a live action drama based on the manga, which takes place at the affluent Ouran Academy. It tells the story of a group of boys with entirely too much time on their hands who create a club of hosts to high school girls. After breaking a random but antique vase Fujioka Haruhi(Kawaguchi Haruna) is roped into impersonating a host as payment.  Yamamoto Yusuke plays host club president Tamaki Suo, while Daitou Shunsuke takes the roleof Ootari Kyoya, Takagi Shinpei and Takagi Manpei play the ambiguously gay Hitachiin twins, Chiba Yudai portrays Haninozuka “Honey” Mitsukuni, and Ryuusei Ryou is Nekozawa Umehito. Make your appointment for July 22nd.

The video below is a first look at the cast in costume. Will post a proper trailer once it’s available.

스파이 명월 / Spy Myung Wol

Han Ye Seul plays a befuddled North Korean spy who decides to rebuild her reputation by kidnapping Hallyu pop star Kang Woo (Eric). With the help of her partner Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook), they will try to allude South Korean agent, Lee Da Hee and be successful in their mission.  Of course, hijinks and hilarity ensue. And must we forget, a little romance as well? The only question I have is, what the heck did Kang Woo do? Myung-wol snatches her target July 11th.

photo via Nate

** This drama will air in just a couple hours on KBS2.

공주의 남자/The Princess’s Man

What would summer be without a bit of summer love? And why not of the sageuk “epic” persuasion? Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won bring us a look at “Romeo and Juliet” in another time and place. The basic stems are there; waring families and a doomed romance. Our lovebirds find themselves trapped between one father who wants the throne and another determined to detour him. I’m sure we’ll have an accidental death and more concentration on the political powerhouses fueling the fire, ’tis sageuk specialty. The story begins July 20 (KBS).

If this doesn’t scream epic love story, I must be losing my mind!

Scent of a Woman

photo via Nate

Fresh out of military service, Lee Dong Wook will portray the  love interest  of a dying woman (Kim Sun-ah). Lest you think this will be some weepy-weep fest it’s touted as having more a comedic, love-life than dread-death vibe. My hope is it will be in the vein of Flowers of a My Life which was poignant, able to encapsule the beauty of both life and impending death. Premieres July 23th.

I have to admit it looks just as cute and fun as I thought it would. It looks more and more like a Last Holiday setup and that story ended happily both times so let’s hope for the best in the instance as well!


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