Rec of the Week: LUTHER

I just finished watching the second season of BBC One’s psychological crime drama, Luther starring Idris Elba and realized why I absolutely love crime drama as a genre. There is something so satisfying about feeling like you can solve crimes without actually going to anybody’s school or leave your house. But more than that, Luther has it’s main character John.

John Luther has to be one of the most magnetic characters I’ve come across in a long time. He burrowed himself in my heart and had me on the edge of my seat last year, to the point, me and all of my friends and family have re-watched the first season more times than BBC America thought to air it. I watch tons of crime drama. TONS. But this drama poked a new button in me.

The UK does something brilliant with television — they know when to finish a series. Almost every Brit serial I’ve ever watched, I crave more and more and MOAR but the British spoon only stretches so far. Luther at this point consists of two seasons; one with six showings and the most recent with four. It’s addictive and manic but fresh and understandably fanatical. It’s brilliance is has everything to do with what draws you to crime drama, who you like to see, what you like to know and where all the intrigue began. Luther makes me nostalgic for Poirot and Sherlock of yesteryear that made me relish this genre  and keeps me hoping for more plausible entries.

So if you love crime drama as much as I do (or don’t), here’s a preview of seasons one and two of Luther. Below is a description I ripped from Wiki ’cause dern it, I couldn’t have said better!

DCI John Luther is a detective working for the London Metropolitan Police Service’s Serious and Serial Crime Unit. A dedicated copper, Luther is also an inspired maker of connections and a whirlwind genius. He is dazzling, obsessive, possessed – and sometimes dangerous in the violence of his fixations. But Luther has paid a heavy price for his dedication; he has never been able to prevent himself from being consumed by the darkness of the crimes he deals with. With Luther, the job always comes first. His dedication is a curse and a blessing for him and all those close to him.(Wiki)

Series 1

Series 2

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