July Jam(med) Session

After May Madness, July is jamming us with another truckload of prospective dramas, that seem worthy of  a peek or two. There are several dramas being announced or airing before the month is over and you need to be armed with a little info to keep track of them all. Preferably, they’re all major hits but I’m hoping (for me) there will be more that will fall by the wayside much like May.

Here’s a look at the dramas coming our way. Decide for yourself what whets your appetite, ’cause I’ve already chosen mine!

넌 내게 반했어(You’ve Fallen for Me)/ Heartstrings

Music school isn’t easy and though it may be a long life dream and goal, it definitely isn’t a cake walk. Heartstrings, explores the lives of the students and professors in this world. Not described as a rom-com, it smacks more of a melodrama with romantic angles. If I were to guess, the drama should be more about the musical lives and personal struggles of the characters, over anything else. Heartstrings premiered this past week and airs every Wed-Thurs. Stars  You’re Beautiful‘s alternate pairing, Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa. Watch episodes here.

무사 백동수 / Warrior Baek Dong Soo

Now that Lie to Me has finished, fusion sageuk, Warrior Baek Dong Soo will see it’s premiere this Mon, July 4. Ji Chang Wook stars as the hero Baek Dong Soo while, Yoo Seung Ho his nemesis. The two grew up together only to become enemies; one serving the King, the other an assassin. Choi Min Soo, Jeon Gwang Ryul, Yoon Soyi and Shin Yon Bin round out the cast.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen☆Paradise~2011

AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko heads the cast in TBS’s remake of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Hopefully, there will be a little spin on this drama but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s marked with the tagline “2011” therefore, it could have a few bits and pieces the first adaptation did not. Though it may be a little soon for a remake (HanaKimi aired in 2007), perhaps the romantic angle between Sano and Ashiya will be a tad more believable this time around. Nakamura Aoi and Miura Shohei are cast as Izumi Sano and Shuichi Nakatsu. Mizuki cross-dresses in Osaka, Sunday nights at 9:00pm, starting on July 10.

스파이 명월 / Spy Myung Wol

Han Ye Seul plays a befuddled North Korean spy who decides to rebuild her reputation by kidnapping Hallyu pop star Kang Woo (Eric). With the help of her partner Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook), they will try to allude South Korean agent, Lee Da Hee and be successful in their mission.  Of course, hijinks and hilarity ensue. And must we forget, a little romance as well? The only question I have is, what the heck did Kang Woo do? Myung-wol snatches her target July 11th.

美男ですね/ Ikemen Desu ne

HanaKimi isn’t the only remake for cross-dressing females. Tokimoto Kiori, will be dawning her boyfriend jeans for Japan’s rendition of Korean hit, You’re Beautiful. For those new to the story, it depicts the shenanigans of a nun-in-training who fills in for her twin brother in the popular boy band A.N.JELL. She later finds herself in a love square with her band members. Nothing like a music-infused drama! Get you tickets on Friday July 15th @ 10:00pm.

공주의 남자/The Princess’s Man

What would summer be without a bit of summer love? And why not of the sageuk “epic” persuasion? Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won bring us a look at “Romeo and Juliet” in another time and place. The basic stems are there; waring families and a doomed romance. Our lovebirds find themselves trapped between one father who wants the throne and another determined to detour him. I’m sure we’ll have an accidental death and more concentration on the political powerhouses fueling the fire, ’tis sageuk specialty. The story begins July 20 (KBS).

荒川アンダーザ ブリッジ/Arakawa Under the Bridge

A live action adaptation of the manga by the same name, Arakawa Under the Bridge depicts the story of Kou Ichinomiya (Kento Hayashi), a man who hates to be indebted to others but nearly drowns and is saved by a young homeless girl named of Nino (Mirei Kiritani). In order to repay her, he vows to love her and returns to her home, which is filled with oddball characters. Let’s meet under the bridge July 26.

Scent of a Woman

Fresh out of military service, Lee Dong Wook will portray the  love interest  of a dying woman (Kim Sun-ah). Lest you think this will be some weepy-weep fest it’s touted as having more a comedic, love-life than dread-death vibe. My hope is it will be in the vein of Flowers of a My Life which was poignant, able to encapsule the beauty of both life and impending death. Premieres July 23th.

Hi wa Mata Noboru

A sequel to Saigo no Bansan, Sato Koichi and Muira Haruma star in this police drama as a former detective turn police instructor and cop trainee.  The cast is rife with the regular fare, a rival (Maya Miki), academy doctor (YOU), top student (Ikematsu Sosuke) and bar mistress (Ishino Mako). Think police academy trials and tribulations. Not sure whether it’s going for a lighter tone or a serious drama, but knowing Japan antics show up at some point, especially with such a large cast(an entire police academy class). Class starts July 21st on TV Asahi.

ジウ 警視庁特殊犯捜査係 Jiu: Keishichou Tokushuhan Sousakei

Jiu is a drama adaptation of  a crime novel series written by Honda Tetsuya. It chronicles the cases, careers and lives of two female detectives on the Metropolitan Police Department’s S.I.T. (special investigation team), played by Kuroki Meisa and Tabe Mikako. In the series, the two ladies are foils, one quick and fierce, the other intellectual and astute. The major storyline will surround the pursuit of a young crime boss named Jiu, suspected for a string of murders. The hunt commences on TV Asahi Fridays (July 29th).

Source: Tokyograph, StarDailyNews , TV Asahi

Happy viewing!

3 Replies to “July Jam(med) Session”

  1. Princess Man and Scent of A Woman, please be good! Both of them top my list of my most anticipated coming dramas. ^^

  2. Ha ha! Yea I’m looking forward to quite a bit of dramas and truly hope that all do well. I think mostly about 5 I hope don’t disappoint… We’ll see 🙂

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