D*06: Favorite Song from an Ost

Dramas and film introduce audiences into the ebb and flow of the culture of the land it represents in a way written media doesn’t– music. Music creates moods, expresses emotions and even announces characters, however  it isn’t an ultimate deal-breaker when watching a drama. Instead, it helps a bad drama seem a little better, a good drama remain just “good” or catapult to excellent and a great drama masterful. Though, not all music heard in a drama makes it to the official soundtrack, creating a need to view scenes repeatedly and that’s where things get tricky. Therefore, a great song doesn’t make a great drama but it definitely enhances your drama viewing experience.  And of course, it’s always great to be able to add one more artist to your Ipod!

[Just in case anyone was wondering… this category is entirely unfair and cruel. Who on earth would be able to honestly make a decision like this one? Favorite OST? Perhaps. Favorite OST of the year? Sure! Top 5 OSTs? Definitely! But song? Come on… Who made this challenge anyway?! The devil?!]

But seriously this post is just an excuse to share yet another thing I love with you, music and lyrics.

Sifting through all my favorite dramas and favorite songs is as difficult as it sounds but picking my favorite tracks truly wasn’t as hard as I hoped it would be. I was pretty sure what I wanted to share but needed time to settle how easy the answer actually was. My choice is an OST track off of Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower (Hana Yori Dango- the Chinese Version). I watched the drama when it came out and was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked it for what it was. I felt it expressed the main points of the original story but made enough changes, to not only make it entertaining but set it apart from the others before it. The overall soundtrack was decent, I suppose, but this song stood out to me and has become a song that I  just adore and would listen to over and over again everyday if I was as committed and obsessive as I want to be.

Spare Time Lovers is sung by Wei Chen (Vision), an extraordinary young artist, who composed the music and lyrics himself and also played his own piano accompaniment. This song takes my breath away from the sweeping strings to the cascading cymbals. Vocally, Wei Chen makes me want to believe him and pulls me emotionally where he is as a man loving and desiring a woman, however he can have her, now, soon, limited or forever. I think the song applies to several characters in the drama, however, I would assume Wei Chen wrote the song from his characters point of view, Ye Shuo who falls for an older “taken” woman.

The video below has the English translation and romanization but I’ve also written them out here.

分身情人/FenShenQingRen/Spare Time Lovers


When I see you feeling dejected for someone,
kan ni you xie ku men

I will concentrate my energy
wo jiu ji zhong jing shen

To clear the dirt that lowers your mood
qing li xin qing hui chen

And chase away the sad atmosphere
gan zou bei shang qi fen

The sound of your cheerful laughter lives in my soul
ting ni kai lang xiao sheng, wen zhu wo de ling hun
听你开朗笑声, 吻住我的灵魂

As if my soul was with you in your joy and sharing your lows
hao xiag pei ni kuang xi, fen dan ni de men
好想陪你狂喜, 分担你的闷

I don’t have extraordinary abilities
mei you te yi gong neng

It’s you who energizes me and makes me feel replenished
shi ni ji fa qian neng, cai neng wu shi bu ke
是你激发潜能, 才能无时不刻

to want to feel your heartaches
gan jue ni de xin teng

Don’t laugh at my foolishness
bu yao xiao wo de ben

My ideas are already simple enough
xiang fa dou hen dan chun

I’m no superman but for you, I want to become fearless
bu shi chao ren que xiang wei ni bian cheng wan neng


I want to be your spare time lover
xiang zuo ni de fen sheng qing ren

guarding your every wonderful process
shou zai mei ge jing cai guo cheng

Until the day you’ll grieve for my heartache,
zhi dao you tian ni hui xin tong wo de xin teng

treat me as your spare time lover
ba wo dang zuo fen sheng qing ren

to extend the feelings of your joys and sorrows
fan bei gan shou ni de ku lei

Happiness will, in another time, remember us
xing fu zai bu tong chang jing ji lu zhe wo men

and only us. Oh~
jiu zhi you wo men

Don’t laugh at how foolish I am
bu yao xiao wo tai yu ben

or how simple my ideas are
xiang fa dou na me dan chun

or how I want to be your spare time lover
xiang zuo ni de fen sheng qing ren

It’s rather odd but some of my top OST tracks are songs from a live-action adaption of the same story so I thought I’d drop in these two as well : What Should I Do? by Jisun and Planetarium by Ai Otsuka. Both of these ladies are magnificent artists that just happened to add their talents to a drama ost. I definitely would have loved both songs with or without the drama but it’s wonderful for both of them to have more exposure through these idol dramas. Planetarium was used as the image track for the first season of Hana Yori Dango,  while What Should I Do? was apart of the latter half and Boys Over Flowers and is found on the second ost.

I absolutely love Jisun and the song is beautiful all by itself but coupled with the Jun Pyo-Jan Di pool confrontation scene brings the drama up just a notch. I never thought I’d ever like a thing Jan Di would ever do, but this scene was masterful. One of the best scenes in the entire drama. [The video link includes the entire final episode but the scene to which I’m referring begins at (24:21).]

Where Planetarium is concerned, I don’t think there is a favorite scene of mine that includes this song,however it remains one of my favorites of HYD’s first season. If by chance I come across a scene, though, I’ll be sure to add it here. [You can read lyrics and translation here.]

D*5 3rd Female


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