nagareboshi: episode three

Now that the documents are signed, I need the papers to be turned in!  I always find fascinating is how tons of marriages go unregistered in Asia. I’m not sure about the number in the West but I definitely don’t think it’s an epidemic the way dramas portray them. Either way, tests must be taken and questions answered (believably) in order for Risa to find out if she’s a match. Though I doubt we have anything to worry about in that department, this is drama, so you never know.

One of the things I love most about Kengo is that he’s a provider and protector. So much so, that he even get’s roped into dyeing hair. Kengo, could I make an appointment? I just need a wash and dry. Take care of me too!

Risa and Kengo register their marriage. They stop at the nearest ATM for Risa’s money. Kengo reminds her again that she needs to show up for an interview and physical examinations, also to keep the circumstances of their marriage arrangements secret.

Dr. Kamiya finds Maria working on Kengo’s wedding gift. She continues her “which you like better”game with kimono or wedding dress. When he answers “Either,” she jokes he’s just like her brother. Nurse Nakajima walks in and chides Maria to stop hogging Dr. Kamiya, for he’s quite popular. She gives him a patient’s chart and Kamiya leaves to tend to the situation. Maria inquires after her ideal type of man, Rumi votes for bad boy vagabonds. Maria exclaims elated to have one less rival.

Junji and his wife confer about what occurred earlier with Kengo and Clione. Chizura definitely believes something is up, wondering if Kengo got her pregnant. Junji believes it’s impossible, but Chizura likens him to the sleepy sea turtle, who appears lazy and disinterested, yet becomes extremely energetic during mating season.

Risa pays her debt to Boss and thanks him. “Did you release a video?” She smiles to herself and says over her shoulder, “I got married.” She lets herself into Kengo’s and returns the key to Mom. She tells Mom she’s now, Okada Risa. Kengo comes home and Mom immediately asks if the news is true, “You really registered your marriage?” She asks if Risa will be staying with them and Kengo admits he feels it’s for the best until the examinations are done.

Reaching in the fridge, Risa inquires when donor testing begins. Kengo explains there are a few things she’ll need to do before then. She grabs a beer and he informs her donors can’t drink. She glares at him, “That wasn’t part of the agreement.”

Over dinner, they discuss the process of informed consent. Kengo relays the types of questions could ask: Why she is willing to be a donor? Or married Kengo? Mom’s concerned she won’t be able to play the part but Risa assures she’s done it all before, alluding to her job. Risa immediately realizes Mom is clueless about her past and looks to Kengo. He asks Mom if there’s any salad dressing.

At breakfast, Mom tries to clue Risa in on a few of Kengo’s morning habits, believing they may come up in the interview and is curious what Risa usually has for breakfast. Risa pulls out her cigarettes and lighter, “Just this.” Mom confiscates her pack apologetically, “Smoking is forbidden too.” She clarifies it’s to keep her body healthy and volunteers to help her.

Unable to reach Risa by phone, Shuichi stops by her job. Boss sees him loitering, thinking he’s a reluctant customer. Getting closer, he recalls his face and warns him to leave. Shuichi pleads, referring to Risa as his sister. Boss dismisses by him, revealing his moneymaker paid off her debt and quit. Shuichi goes back to the apartment and rifles through Risa’s belongings trying to find evidence of where she’s gone. In the trash, he finds an entrance ticket to Shine no Shima Aquarium.

Mom, Risa and Kengo go on a field trip taking marriage photos and buying matching wedding bands. Kengo notices some jellyfish key chains and Risa suggests they get a matching set. When Kengo and Risa drop Mom off at work, she asks him to buy some olive oil for cooking and suggests the two go out for dinner. Risa sighs, believing Mom to be a little overzealous.

Risa watches Kengo choose the best olive oil brand, remarking she’s never used it. Kengo states Mom cooks healthier for Maria and Risa mumurs they’re the perfect family. She wonders if she’ll be asked about her current employment and offers to be a housewife but Kengo doesn’t feel she fits the bill. Risa drops a box of hair color in their cart.

Chizura and Junji are shopping as well and spy Kengo and Risa across the aisle. She feels this confirms her suspicions of Kengo being a player but Junji refuses to accept it. Chizura cocks her brow and carts toward them, “Want to bet?”

At dinner, Chizura tries to pour Risa a glass of wine but Kengo declines for her saying she doesn’t drink. Junji assumes Risa must dislike alcohol but Risa counters she does, she just can’t drink right now. Chizura looks at them knowingly and asks how many months? “You’re pregnant, right?” Kengo shoots it down but Chizura quips he must like younger women. Kengo tries to refute again, as Risa blurts out she’s Kengo’s cousin and needing help out of a bad situation. Junji agrees being Kengo only just broke up with Minako.

Chizura swats him and Risa asks who Minako is. Junji realizes Kengo hadn’t told Risa about Minako but slips, “She was his fiancee.” Chizura apologizes for Junji’s drunken behavior and they part. Risa thinks since Kengo had a fiancee, why they didn’t just marry? Kengo hesitates and Risa backtracks asserting he doesn’t have to share, for she doesn’t really care. She only felt they might have a few things in common being she was also recently dumped.

Mizuki sees Ryota speaking to a crying woman(Koide Saori) in the lobby. Maria tries to return Ryota’s book but finds his room empty. On her way back,  she notices Mizuki in a daze distraught that Ryota made a girl cry. Later, Ryota passes Maria in the hallway and tries to  joke with her but she ignores him. A woman calls out to Ryota and he calls her sister. She buys them all drinks on the patio. Ryota’s sister, Kotomi, gives him a scarf telling him to stay warm and thanks Maria for being a friend to Ryota during his stay. Maria isn’t sure they’re quite friends but Ryota confirms they must be, given her genuine concern for him. He remembers he has an check-up and excuses himself.

Kotomi tells Maria that recently Ryota speaks a lot about her. Noticing she’s pregnant, Maria asks to touch her belly and how far along she is. Kotomi tearfully confides how much she wants Ryota to live. Being his only donor match, she feels guilty they found out he needed a donor only after she was pregnant.

Shuichi stops by the aquarium and sees Kengo’s picture on the bulletin introducing employees. At the jellyfish tank, he chats up Yuya and segues to Kengo’s whereabouts, implying he’s a friend. Yuya divulges Kengo’s off today, to which Shuichi hints he must have a girlfriend. Yuya agrees  and believes it must be Kengo’s clione, piquing Shuichi’s interest.

Kengo comes home to find Risa dyeing her hair for the interview the next day. He notices she’s dripping all over the floor, so she tells him to help her. Risa nods as Kengo applies. She asks how dolphins sleep in the ocean.

Risa: Do they swim at the bottom of the ocean or sleep floating around?

Kengo: No

Risa: So they don’t sleep.

Kengo: Apparently, the left and the right sides of a dolphin’s brain sleep alternatively. So when the right half is sleeping they shut their left eye, and when the left half is sleeping, they shut their right eye and swim.

Risa’s head falls forward as she mumbles, “That’s kinda scary.” Kengo announces he’s done, laning over Risa and sees she’s fallen asleep. He double checks the directions and slaps on the shower cap.

Mom, Kengo and Risa meet with Dr. Kamiya for Risa’s donor interview. Kamiya is glad to meet her, stating Maria speaks of her often, excited about their wedding ceremony. He explains to Risa that the surgery is routine, however, complications can always crop up like bile blockage or pneumonia, even biloma, therefore she should be absolutely certain of her decision. Risa affirms she is and Kamiya sets up an appointment for compatibility tests.

Kengo asks if surgery is the next step but Dr. Kamiya expounds there must be another set of meetings with a transplant coordinator and a psychiatrist to go over any concerns or questions. Lastly, an ethics committee reviews the case to approve the surgery. Dr. Kamiya recommends not mentioning his meeting with Risa to Maria as to keep her stable and non-agitated.  Kamiya compliments Risa and Kengo on being a good-looking couple and inquires where they met. Kengo is caught off guard but Risa breezes they met at the ocean watching dolphins sleep.

Ryota stops in to see Maria but she’s not in the mood. He sits next to her, worried what she and his sister spoke about. Kengo walks in to drop off some clothes from home and Ryota introduces himself. Kengo assumes he’s “rakugo” boy and thanks him for looking after Maria. He’s oblidged and with a wave of his fan, bows out.

Kengo puts  away Maria’s clothes and asks how she’s doing. She shares that she and Ryota have the same illness and he’s waiting for a brain-dead donor. She looks to Kengo for a response but he silently continues putting her things away, clearly troubled by her words.

Risa undergoes her examinations and meets with Dr. Kamiya after. He questions her experience citing that many shy away from surgery after bodily testing. He reminds that she will have a scar on her stomach after and is surprised, given her age, that it isn’t an issue. He tells her the results will be back in a few days. Risa is freshening up in the bathroom when Maria walks in sick. Risa checks in on her to make she’s okay. Maria thanks her as Mizuki walks up looking for her.

Shuichi returns to the aquarium and waits to bump into Kengo. He apologizes to Kengo for Risa hassling him and intimates concern at her disappearance (though Kengo shouldn’t know anything about that). He confides Risa didn’t disclose her destination to limit him worrying but it’s had the opposite effect being it’s only the two of them. He insinuates Kengo paid Risa’s debts and therefore, offers to repay him but Kengo has nothing to offer and tries to go back work. Shuichi asks Kengo not to tell Risa that they spoke and promises to visit again.

Over dinner, Kengo asks Risa if she and her brother still keep in touch. Risa wonders why it’s important but he says no particular reason. He tells Mom he’ll deliver Maria’s things to the hospital and leaves. Mom is genuinely thankful to Risa for finishing the examinations but Risa chalks it up to being part of the deal and requests seconds.

Maria finds Ryota hard at work in his room. She notes it looks difficult but he retorts she’s got it pretty easy while, he has college entrance exams to study for. He goats she must think he’s wasting his time when he won’t live long and her face drops. He babbles a random phrase and claps his hands getting her attention. He tells her it’s a spell to keep the death gods away. It’s a trick he learned from rakugo and teaches it to her. They recite and clap together, “Ajarakamokuren tekerutsu no pa.” She giggles and asks if it really works and Ryota suggests she try it and find out.

Kengo finds Maria’s bed empty, assumes she’s outside and takes a sweater to her. Kengo figures she’s star-gazing but she admits to searching for a shooting star. She wants to make a wish for Ryota’s health.Hands clasped, she bows her head for a moment, then gets up for a closer look. Cheerfully, she tells Kengo if ever she needs a transplant, she’ll be fine. Kengo stiffens, listening, face frozen as she turns back to him her lips spreading into a smile, “‘Cause I now know a spell to keep the death gods away!” Kengo’s worried surprise dissipates as they both laugh.

Risa is in Kengo’s room, watching the jellyfish, when something gets her attention. She moves to Kengo’s desk and finds a framed picture of Kengo and Minako, smiling in her wedding dress.

Risa finds Kengo by the ocean looking up at the sky and hands him a beer, saying she knew he’d be here, for she couldn’t sleep either. She asks if he was making a wish and observes that like moon jellyfish, “Shooting stars fade away and disappear, don’t they?”

Kengo and Risa anxiously wait for Dr. Kamiya to give them her test results. He sits and informs them that Risa is indeed a match. Kengo exhales relieved, as Kamiya continues that they now need to check Maria’s condition and get her signed consent for the surgery.

Kamiya happily checks on Maria and she clocks his glee. She shows him her template for Kengo’s gift and asks his opinion.

Kamiya: Who’s Minako?

Maria: She’s my brother’s fiancee.

Kamiya: Oh… so her name is Minako.

Maria picks up her phone and shows him a picture(the now infamous dress shopping pic from episode 1). Kamiya thanks her for showing him. Mind swimming, he backs out, citing patient rounds. Once out of the room, his pace quickens, whizzing passed Nurse Najakimi. He runs through the hospital corridor to the entrance desparate to catch up with Kengo and Risa. He bursts through the doors and stares out into the street; they’re gone.

Kengo and Risa walk home. Suddenly Risa stops. She asks what’s up and he simply says, “Thank you.”

Risa: It’s all part of the deal.

Reactions, Ramblings and Remarks

OH! NO! Is Kamiya going to figure it out already, it’s only episode 3! Obviously, Kamiya has some doubts now as to what Kengo is up to, taking into consideration some of their past conversations. There are plenty of explanations to why Kengo might have married another woman besides his original fiancee but it truly is a natural deduction to believe something very odd(and unethical) is going on.

And MARIA AIN’T STUPID EITHER! Though I hate that she has been left to figure out things on her own, it’s to her credit that she actually is. I’m sure this kid has tons of questions and it was heartwrenching watching her silently plead with Kengo’s back to tell her, her fears are unfounded. Like I said before, we’re at a point where it’s almost cruel not to comfort this kid with the truth. Right now, she’s left with bits and pieces of information based on Ryota’s situation(which doesn’t look promising). What I absolutely love though, is Kengo and Maria’s relationship. He knows how dire this situation is but he tirelessly found and donor, visits her every night and encourages her to live well. She also had a shining moment in this episode. She may not know for certain what is happening to her body or what the future holds and she’s clearly scared out of her whits, but she smiles and jokes with Kengo. She lets him know offhand that she’s thinking about the future but is hopeful. Now I definitely think she does that for his benefit more than her own, but again that’s what makes it so endearingly precious.

I do have to admit that she and Mizuki were a tad annoying jumping to conclusions about Ryota, but I chalked it up to being young and dumb. I have found that assumptions do nothing but make you feel stupid, so it’s best to let things go or talk them out. Also we’re not quite clear on what Mizuki was thinking, seeing Ryota and Kotmi together. I mean seriously, if I saw that scene would I think he was breaking her heart by breaking up with her or saying he’s dying? Which makes more sense?

The Minako revelation happens on both stems of this drama, with Kamiya and Risa, who are probably thinking the same thing. Who is this woman and why didn’t Kengo marry her? It’s too soon to tell what either character thinks or what they will do but I don’t believe either will remain idle. In the shoes of both these characters it’s definitely a mystery that only a couple people can clear up. Kamiya needs answers in order to continue with surgery preparations, where Risa, I’m sure is just curious. She gets a face with the name and confirmation Kengo did love another woman. Though their marriage ends if and when she has the surgery, Risa is still glad she got married. I also don’t believe she’s too sad its to Kengo Okada.

Overall, Risa seems to have started letting her guard down with Kengo. She sees how “picture perfect” his family seems and believes she’s safe with them. She definitely doesn’t want to show or feel too much so we see her pull back several times in this episode, only to reveal her true emotions later. I’m positive she wants to live up to her side of the bargain but she’s also intuned to what the Okada’s need to make this deal work. She thinks things through, which is something I really like about her. It’s true she was in an occupation where she did a lot of role play, but this is her real life even if she has been paid. From the first few minutes of this episode, she had nothing to lose by letting the truth of her relationship with Kengo be revealed, and yet, several times she covers for Kengo, making his burden lighter. She dyes her hair and paints plausible stories for both Chizura and Kamiya. She trusts she can ask him questions and he answer, though he is a little bit long-winded.

Kengo also is beginning to see Risa differently, at the store, he can’t imagine her as a housewife but when she shows up for her interview she had transformed. I think he’s always found her to be an interesting woman but now perhaps cute and innocent as well? Perhaps I want too much but I see so much potential for these two. Kengo is such a quiet rock that I so want to give him someone to lean, someone who listens and understands him. He mulls over so much and has so many worries that he needs someone to be concerned about him as well. And I think that person can be Risa.

Then there’s Mom who is probably the cutest character on the show right now. She’s earnest but unpretentious and genuinely seems to have enveloped Risa into their little family. It’s beyond cute the way she gets the two to take pictures and spend extra time together. She most certainly wants them to try and make the best out their time together and I couldn’t agree more Mom!

2 Replies to “nagareboshi: episode three”

  1. I rewatching this episode to figure out when exactly did he fall for her…i think he start showing different feeling towards Risa when he saw the housewife transformation (different Risa) to meet Kamiya-sensei for the interview for the 1st time. Hes surprise with her new appearance and his eyes said it all. And Risa i can’t figure out it when she starts to like him….but if we refer to picture (Kengo’s mom took couple picture) she start showing the feeling at that time….what do you think Unnichan???

    p.s: did you notice Risa always look at him when hes looking the other way…when their eyes met, she can hold it for 1-2 second, then she look other way…squeallll!!!!!… i don’t is it Risa or Aya-chan…. 😀

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