D*01: Favorite Drama

It’s time to begin our drama journey and I promise it’s going to be long and hot but satisfying. I’m sure everyone has a favorite drama but like most things; colors, foods, and shoes, I can’t really tell you why we choose this or that as “favorite.” All I know is when asked “What is your favorite _________ ?” sometimes I have an answer like green or steak and other times, I don’t.

Every since I saw this drama, it’s been  my favorite, therefore I’ve found that this question was the easiest for me, so I’m extremely glad I could start the challenge with this entry. I’m not sure when I watched this drama (it came out in 2007, so not long after airing) however, it was in my early days of drama watching. At the time, I’d consumed several dramas, liked some, hated some and lost sleep over most. Then…

I met Crazy for You. The English title is seen several ways, whereas the literal is “crazy in love” but I like Crazy for You best because it’s objective. Crazy for Love lends to a general concept or ideology not a specific. This leaves the perception that anyone could be involved, it’s just “love” the characters are after. Though that may be true in part, once seeing the drama it’s clear the relation to “love”  is not inclusive but very exclusive.

It tells the story of a hard-working young man (played by Yoon Kye Sang) who makes a mistake and ruins his life along with several others(strangers and friends). That coupled with the laws of his land rearrange his course, making it more doomed from its beginning. Then he finds hope; a woman, his boss, who believes in him. Not in that cutesy “I heart you” way, but in a realistic, normal way, where you take people at their word and assess them based on their present behavior, not their past mistakes. He is so touched by this simple and sincere gesture, his gratefulness blossoms from respect and adoration to feelings of unwavering  love. Seo Jin Yeong(Lee Mi Yeon), an airplane technician, lost her fiancé in a traffic accident and vows to remain faithful to him for life. After his death, she continues living finding joy in and with those that remain. She isn’t perfect, but adult; a grown independent woman who has lived through loss and owns her personal choices. Little by little, she connects with her new younger subordinate,  Kim Chae Joon  who makes her laugh, understands her pain and sparks romantic feelings within her again.

C4U is a character driven drama. Circumstances surround these characters that are larger than life however, attention is drawn not to the issue, but in turn, to how the characters respond and resolve it. Like most melodramas, C4U has THE BIG SECRET, dead(or deadbeat) parents, class divisions, unrequited and unacceptable love, conniving busybodies and takes place in  the winter but there’s also something sweet, strong and special about this drama that can’t be denied. It’s the love, trust,  companionship and need two strangers can build between one another. All these are concrete commitments that you make to a person and Jin Yeong and Chae Joon spend the series deciding whether and how to accept and make that work. I suppose some of the best love stories are those where the lovers fight for their love against opposition but I think that it truly depends on the opposition at hand. Not every love or love relationship is worth fighting for. But for these two characters, it seemed to be worth it. However, it’s not just the “love” but their place (what they are) and importance (what they represent) in each other’s life.

I believe love, like everything else must be thought through and decided upon. There must be concrete, rational and real reasons to choose one person at particular points in life. Chae Joon and Jin Yeong find that where they are as people demands they don’t live apart. This drama doesn’t ask us to believe that love “just happens” or is uncontrollable, rather it does portrays love as something that can’t be dictated by outsiders. Sometimes you find your match. Sometimes it isn’t the person your parents like or your friends enjoy being around. In cases like that, you have to decide to continue or fold. Neither choice is wrong, neither right, but you must live with the answer and see it through.  Chae Joon and Jin Yeong do just that,  regardless of how “crazy” they seemed.

Ultimately, the thing about dramas is that they resonate with you. They speak to something within you in a way that nothing has before, and teaches you about yourself, the world and other people. This is what Crazy for You did for me. I laughed and cried with them, my heart fluttered with theirs. I understood their pain, confusion and hurt, got angry when they were angry(whether at themselves and others), wanted to comfort them when they shouldered too much responsibility and fight those that scolded them unnecessarily. This drama speaks; speaks of hardship and courage, love and sacrifice, family and formality. The soundtrack was unique but the tracks some of my favorites; the directing was spot on and acting wonderful from all involved.  If you are a Yoon Kye Sang fan, (especially after is adorkable turn as Yoon Pil Joo Oriental Doctor of Cuteness), check him out in what I venture is his breakout role and his best drama to date. It solidified my confidence that he is an actor to watch, trust and look forward to.

Now on to Day 2!

Runner ups :

CHANGE starring Kimura Takuya


Down with Love starring Jerry Yan and Ella


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