New ventures

i’ve never recapped a drama before and am in the throws of reviewing and comparing two films but find that it just needs to be done…at least for this drama. i stumbled across 流れ星Nagareboshi (Winter 2010, FujiTV) or Shooting Star, starring Takenouchi Yutaka and Ueto Aya, last year while surfing the net checking up on all the other dramas i was addicted to at the moment and fell in love. i also noticed that there was little said about the drama, either on D-addicts or any of my other daily haunts. after watching each episode more than once (unsubbed), i realized that there was something magical about this drama for me. so,being the drama dreamer that i am, i knew others must be feeling the same way and if they weren’t, they would. therefore i decided to share.

[disclaimer: being that this drama is in Japanese i know that i won’t be entirely accurate about word choice but i hope to convey the subtle beauty of the characters portrayed in this Winter dorama. if you haven’t heard of it, i humbly suggest you read, and hopefully fall deep enough to desire to watch. ]


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