The Distractors’ Cut: The Joseon Gunman Warning Shot

What is the biggest drawback of live viewing? Waiting, of course! Especially, when the drama has the potential of being the most thrilling drama of the summer season. The Joseon Gunman is objectively the most anticipated drama of the year and with its introductory episodes coming out of the gate this strong, the excitement was well deserved.

This drama also rejoins Lee Jun-ki and Nam Sang-mi from 2007 thriller Time Between Dog and Wolf, making them one of the top 5 OTP reunions of this year. Can’t say I was all in with them as a couple in that drama, but their rapport as actors is undeniable and palpable, which is rekindled here immediately.

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First Look: KICK

We all choose what we want to watch based on a myriad of criterion. Some based on rational understanding and stances, while others steeped in the shallow crevices of human proclivities. But for me personally, I rarely choose a story without caring about the story, the main cast or its director… However, now, I can never say never! Continue reading


Even More Ek Villain

There have been plenty of Ek Villain goodies streaming out over the last month and with its premiere exactly one month out (YAY!), and the official trailer dropping earlier today— this is the prime opportunity for an update.

This latest from director Mohit Suri (Aashqui 2, Kalyug) portrays a story of falling love and exacting revenge, starring Riteish Deshukh, Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor, a concept that is by no means new, however, like with every story, direction and depiction are key.  Continue reading

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The Distractors’ Cut: Big Man Opening Ceremony

Originally posted on Lore In Stone Cities:

Ekun here again with another edition of the Distractor’s Cut. Yes! Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Kang Ji Hwan has made a comeback and you cannot believe how excited I am to see him again. His last project (Incarnation of Money) was pretty good, but I did not have the chance to gush over him because I was really caught into the storyline. I love the writers of Giant, History of the Salaryman, and Incarnation of Money (are they doing something this year?)! Anyway, Big Man premiered last week and I have a whole heck of a lot to say– naturally, I have to discuss this with Unnichan, as we are the ones distracting to give our 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 cents! Were you all as stunned as I was? Peace!


Ekun: Unnichan, I was not ready! Why didn’t I read or someone (you) tell me what…

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