The Distractors’ Cut: Discovery of Romance 1-2

If you’ve been around the drama scene long enough, I’m sure you’ve picked up on the fact certain types of dramas have a tendency to air during certain seasons. And generally, this works, ’cause a breezy rom-com is usually the sweetest, just as spring washes away and the summer heat sets in or a poignant saga is best felt as the leaves start to turn and the air chills.

I’m a sucker for summer love, in all its capacities but usually in the form of a simple but cute romantic comedy, and thankfully, Discovery of Romance slid in right in time to be added to that list this year. Eric Mun and Jung Yumi have been collected in the basket full of beloved OTPs that reunited this year. Until now, this surge has been unprecedented but I’m thinking Korea may find themselves desiring to make this occurrence a little more common. I’m also delighted that the majority of the reunions have steered from their original genre, proving that their chemistry is a complete package spurred by their character.

And eventhough, it seems a mangy little rabbit will litter my screen for the next few weeks (I hate those things!), I chalk it all up to the things I do for love. Therefore there was no way, Ekun and I were going to let this drama pass by without a few words, and amazingly, we’ve managed to pull a special guest!!! Fellow drama enthusiast, blogger and hilarious friend, Drama Debussie, was gracious enough to join us this time around!

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Itsuka no Ataru Basho de : episode two

After this first episode, I’d decided to leave it as just a “first” episode recap but after I saw the special aired on April 1st I decided to pick it back up. These ladies’ journey is one that I don’t mind experiencing and perhaps we can learn a few things about growth, strength and new beginnings.

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First Look: Khoobsurat

And what summer would be complete without a family friendly rom-com that is both delightful and heartfelt? The new Sonam Kapoor starrer, Khoobsurat [translated: Beautiful] is readying for its premiere in just under a month and decided to make our week khoobbsurat as well, with a trailer launch, its final posters and a its look at the cast.

The film is a Kapoor home production, co-produced with Disney, a remake of the 1980 film, by the same name, and is touted as a family affair; about a fun loving young girl who travels to stay with extended family friends and infects them with… well happiness.

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The Distractors’ Cut: Golden Cross Final (BTS)

Golden Cross ended a few weeks ago and though Ekun and I are caught in the crosssfires of Joseon Gunman, there’s no way we wouldn’t make time to give our final thoughts on one of the most unhinged villains of 2014.

Jung Bo-suk‘s turn as Seo Dong-ha brought new meaning to the word deranged in my mind, for Seo-Jo (a combination of Jung’s character surnames from Giant and Golden Cross) was a different kind of crazy, hinging somewhere between nefarious and nutty but above all, resolute in his delusion of innocence.  This made for a tale that melted brain cells and resolve but kept The Distractors with plenty to buzz about.  Continue reading The Distractors’ Cut: Golden Cross Final (BTS)

Even More Haider

As promised, UTV premiered the trailer of Vishal Bharadwaj‘s latest Shakespearean feat Haider on Wednesday July 9th, along with its main cast in attendance, including the director, his wife and the fantastic Kay Kay Menon (Life in a Metro, Sarkar), who also appears in the film in a nefarious  role, at PVR Cinemas in Mumbai.

The film is a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” set in the wintry backdrop of Kashmir.

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